An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

Benjamin Franklin

Why buy property?

  • Build equity
  • Protect your wealth against inflation
  • Leverage up to 90% of someone else’s money (i.e. the bank’s)
  • Receive cash flow through rent
  • Enjoy significant tax breaks

Why buy new?

  • New dwellings meet contemporary environmental and safety ratings
  • Asset protection through builder warranties (min. 6 years)
  • Off-the-plan purchases provide time for equity growth
  • Enjoy benefits of depreciation

Why now?

In the short-term, all investments such as shares and property fluctuate and some people are tempted to “time” their purchase and risk missing opportunities available right now.

However here at cake, we encourage people to view property purchases as mid-long term investments which consistently track an upward trend.

Generally, time buffers investments against short-term volatility (which we call “noise”) which means you can pursue current opportunities confidently knowing that it will experience growth over time.

See the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2022 release for the Residential Property Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities

What to buy?

Our recommendations are tailored to each individual’s circumstances and preferences.

For example, for people with a small (or no deposit) we would suggest projects that accept low deposits (typically 5%, sometimes lower).

For people who have a deposit ready but prefer to keep it, we would recommend keeping an eye out for projects with rebates… Yes, you really can have your cake and eat it too. So will it be chocolate, strawberry or black forest?

Why us?

We are a property consultancy focussed on helping people achieve their property purchasing goals through access to a wide range of property developments to suit most people’s goals as well as exclusive promotions such as low deposit requirements, fee and duty waivers and discounts.

Some properties purchased through cake have seen 10% growth in price within weeks of purchase. This means instant equity that can be directed to your next investment. Although, we can’t guarantee growth at this speed for every property purchase through cake, we are committed to working with you to ensure your property purchase brings you closer to your goals.

So we welcome you tell us more about yourself and your property purchasing goals.

The process

  1. Check your funds (speak to a bank/broker about your loan affordability)
  2. Reserve the property (refundable deposit of $5,000) or chat to a cake consultant to reserve a property
  3. Exchange contracts (your lawyer/conveyancer will handle this part typically within 10 days)
  4. Settlement (typically within 60 days for completed properties or in the future (on the completion date) for off-the-plan properties)
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 if desired

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